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Yes, Your iPad is Covered by Renters Insurance

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In our fast-paced lives, our electronic communications gadgets have become an essential part of daily living. Most people now feel distraught if they suddenly lose their cellular phones and other devices. Yet these same people rarely think of how easily they can be stolen.

When most of us think of theft, they envision a burglary or break-in at their home or office. Criminals are now targeting those electronic gadgets that people often leave in their car, or carry with them at all times.

Yes, your iphone or ipad often disappears from your gym locker, or at the coffee shop, or while riding the bus to work. This is one more and often overlooked reason to have a renters insurance policy, as it will cover more than just what is in your dwelling. Having renters insurance provides peace of mind, knowing any theft of your belongings at home or away will be covered.

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