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How to: Lower Your Workers’ Compensation Costs

Lower Workers’ Compensation Costs

Lower Workers’ Compensation CostsMost injuries can be prevented before they occur.

Most business owners take the necessary precautions to protect the employees and visitors. Even so, accidents happen.

Insurance coverage doesn’t have to drain your funds for the sake of protection. If you’re looking for ways to save on workers’ compensation insurance, you’ve come to the right place! Many injuries that occur on the worksite are entirely preventable. Whether you’ve been hit with a workers’ compensation claim, or are simply looking to reduce the risk of injury in your work environment, read on!

Set up a safety program.
Many injuries can be prevented before they occur. Having a safety program helps you to identify and eliminate workplace hazards that may cause accidents. California requires employers to have a written safety program in place. Moreover, putting standards and procedures on paper shoes that your company is committed to safety. If you have a plan already in place, update it!

Provide employee training.
Many workers comp injuries come from employees using machinery incorrectly. Take it upon the company to provide proper and thorough training for each piece of equipment, discouraging them from taking shortcuts. Also, always provide appropriate protection for them – such as eyeglasses and helmets.

Implement a return-to-work program.
Accidents happen, after all. When they do, a return-to-work program can create a direct cost benefit to the workers’ compensation claim. Research shows that the longer a claim is open, the more expensive the claim. A program like this is to proactively help injured employees get back to work as soon as possible, even if it’s on a modified basis as they recover (such as working part-time or light-duty hours).

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