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Update Your Insurance Policy When Getting A New Car

It is finally time to retire your old clunker of a vehicle. It is becoming too expensive to pay for the repairs, as you can actually save more money by purchasing a new car. As you look at all the shiny vehicles in the lot, you wonder if you need to buy a new insurance policy or if your existing policy while cover your new vehicle.

The Facts About Car Insurance

Put away your worries about car insurance. Your existing coverage will transfer over to the new car you are purchasing, even if it is a used car. The only thing that may change is the policy details, as the rate will be based on the new car you purchased. The insurance agent will review all the information and update the policy for you so that you will know what type of rate you will have to pay while having the coverage you desire.

Having your insurance policy modified is a simple process as you will find yourself back behind your reliable vehicle and out driving on the road again. You should contact your agent as soon as possible about changing your policy so that if you end up in the accident, the policy will cover damages and medical expenses.

For more information about car insurance policies, please contact Agers Insurance Services.