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Tips for Maintaining a Car During Summer

Hand with wrench. Auto mechanic in car repairThe warm months of summer are the perfect time to get out of the area and enjoy a road-trip with the whole family. The problem is that the changing temperatures can mean that certain concerns may arise. Fortunately, there are ways to protect and maintain a vehicle during the summer season.

Start with Insurance

Traveling in a car for long distances can mean that the current auto insurance is not appropriate for the situation. Evaluate coverage before making any plans for the season. If a long trip is expected, then update coverage for additional protection during a road-trip.

Check the Tires

Never go on a long trip without checking that the tires are ready for the drive. If the vehicle has winter tires, then change them to all-weather or summer tires. Fill up the air in the tires if it is necessary.

It is dangerous when the air in the tires is low or when inappropriate tires are still on the car. Since Northern California can get rain during the spring and summer months, all-weather tires are usually appropriate.

Change the Oil and Filter

Oil is an important part of the vehicle. It helps keep the engine lubricated and in the best possible condition. Before taking a long drive, check the oil and the filter. If it is necessary, then change the oil and the filter.

Check the Engine

Have the entire engine checked before summer traveling. Change any belts, hoses and liquid items in the vehicle for safety precautions. Check the brakes and have them repaired or changed if it is necessary.

Traveling during the warm months can be exciting, but only if proper safety precautions are taken to protect against problems that may otherwise arise. To learn more about protecting a car during the warmer months of the year in Oakley, California, contact Agers Insurance Services.