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Tips for Surviving this Allergy Season

Tips to Feel Better During Allergy Season

Tips to Feel Better During Allergy Season

Spring can wreck havoc on our allergies. Survive the season with these tips.

The fresh cut grass, blooming flowers, and blossoming trees of spring can give way to sneezing, coughing, itchy eyes, and all that comes along with the dreaded seasonal allergies. So while many people consider spring their favorite season, the rest of us dread the first signs of pollen.

As well as the usual sneezing, coughing, and watery eyes, inhalant allergies can leave you with serious brain fog, inability to concentrate, fatigue, irritability, and depression. These can take the joy out of the season!

To survive this allergy season, use these tips:

  • Head to your drugstore for symptom relief: Over-the-counter decongestants will help relieve a stuffy nose whereas antihistamines can tackle sniffles and itching.
  • Use salt water: Try a saline nasal rinse which helps to clear allergens like pollen from your nasal membranes, in turn minimizing symptoms.
  • Take your work clothes off after work! Don’t drag allergens throughout your home where they’ll continue to cause your symptoms to act up. Change clothes and shoes when you get in from work or spending time outside.
  • Workout indoor. Check pollen counts in the morning and try to stay indoors when they’re high. This may mean swapping your neighborhood run for an hour at the gym.
  • Get window savvy. If you’re allergic to pollen, keep your windows closed and run the air conditioner. If you’re allergic to indoor allergies such as mold and dust, open the windows and let in some fresh air!
  • Boost your immune system. Some allergies are relieved by a well-maintained immune system. Eat a balanced diet and stock up on vitamin C during spring.

If you find yourself sneezing and spluttering, be sure to put these tips into practice! To gain the peace of mind that your financial future is protected, contact Agers Insurance Services. We serve Oakley and the neighboring cities in Northern California with quality insurance policies that suit every need and budget.