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Three Things To Do After Your Teen Gets His Permit

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The time when a teen starts learning to drive can be a nerve-wracking time for parents. Kids seldom understand the dangers associated with driving, and all they can see is the independence that a set of wheels will provide. Thankfully, laws in many states force kids to have a learner’s permit for a short time before they are qualified to get a regular license. This license helps kids learn to operate a vehicle under the supervision of an adult before they can legally drive alone. If your child has recently received his license, here are a few things that you need to do next.

1. Call your insurance company.

In many states, kids with learner’s permits are covered on their parent’s auto insurance. However, you may still need to add your teen to the policy. Most of the time, the insurance rate will remain the same until your teen has a regular license. State laws and individual insurance policies will vary, so call your insurance agent to make sure of your responsibilities.

2. Understand your state laws.

Each state has different standards for driver’s licenses. You and your teen both need to understand the conditions under which it is legal for him or her to drive. Some states restrict the hours which are legal for restricted drivers to be behind the wheel, but all states require their learners to have a licensed driver in the front passenger seat.  Check your state’s DMV website for details.

3. Practice, practice, practice.

It is nerve wracking to help your teen learn to drive, but the only way for them to improve is to practice. Take them out in uncrowded, straight roads at first, and later build up to more complex places with more traffic.

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