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Is There A Time You Don’t Need Four/All Wheel Drive?

Today, one of the big selling points for many cars and trucks is the fact that they have four-wheel drive or all wheel drive. While this sounds great, many people wonder if they really need to have this capability in their vehicles. Although its nice to have, most people feel that if you're not out in the woods, playing in the sand or in the snow, 4WD/AWD is simply a waste of money. However, this actually isn't the case at all. Granted, part-time four-wheel drive is only good if activated and usually isn't necessary unless you are in a situation where 4WD will enable you to get out, or make progress to where you're going. However, full-time 4WD/AWD not only gives you additional control over your vehicle in inclement conditions, it also gives you additional control during dry conditions and in the rain. Sometimes, you need all the advantages you can get. For ... Read more