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Avoid These Travel Mistakes This Summer

Common Travel Mistakes As summer approaches, you may find yourself planning a family vacation. While picking the perfect destination and packing your bags, it can be easy to forget a few steps in the process. While it may not seem like a big deal, a simple mistake could lead to big trouble. Make sure to avoid these common travel mistakes to ensure that your holiday is enjoyable! Not checking your passport dates – if you are headed to another country, you will need to bring your passport. While bringing your passport is half of the battle, you should also make sure that it is not expired. An expired passport can lead to you being turned away at customs, missing your entire vacation. Booking too tight of connections – while tight connecting flights may seem like the best way to get to your destination as fast as possible, it does not leave any time ... Read more

What Not to Do When Traveling for the Holidays

Are you traveling this holiday season? Protect your yourself by remembering these four things that you should never do when you are traveling. 1. Don't broadcast your plans on social media. While it is exciting to share your plans on social media, it is never a good idea to share that you will be out of town on Facebook or Twitter. Once the information is out there, you never know who could run across it. Thieves could take advantage of your absence to break into your home. 2. Don't forget to put your mail and newspaper on hold. An overflowing mailbox and five days worth of newspapers in the driveway are signs to criminals that no one is home. Put your mail on hold before you leave by visiting the Postal Service's website. Call the newspaper, and tell them to stop your paper for the duration of your trip. 3. Don't leave a key ... Read more