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How Do You Store Your Boat When It’s Not in the Water?

There are a few things that you need to consider when storing your boat. Many people store their boat during off seasons or when they simply aren't intending to go out on the water for a long time. When storing a boat, it's usually best to store it within an enclosed space such as a garage. This limits the possible things that can happen to the boat, such as incidental damage caused by vehicles, storms or other unexpected events. Storing a boat at a marina can also be a viable option, but if you do so you will often have to increase your insurance. Many marinas will not accept boats that have less than $500,000 in liability insurance protection. At the same time, however, storing a boat at a marina often protects it against some of the more common hazards around a home. When storing your boat indoors you should always ... Read more

Preparing the home for fall

When the temperatures start to dip, many people scramble to get in every bit of summer fun they can before it's too late. But the end of the summer is about more than fun, especially if you're a home owner. With autumn looming, it's time to get some things ready around the house and yard before that next change in seasons. On the outside of the house, checking your gutters for any debris is important to keep them functional throughout the winter. You should also check your sidewalks and driveway for cracks and uneven spots and get those taken care of as well. Inside you'll want to take those first steps toward weather proofing. Check for cracks around windows in order to keep them working efficiently. Furnaces and fireplaces will also need to be checked, because is either of these are dirty it will not only make them less efficient, but ... Read more