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Costly Car Insurance Mistakes

Avoid this common and costly car insurance mistakes! While many are content renewing and paying for the same old car insurance policy year after year, this, in itself, can be a costly mistake to make. By not reviewing your auto policy, you are unaware of potential discounts, savings, and coverage gaps. So that you get the best policy for the best deal for you, avoid these car insurance mistakes that can cost! Choosing a deductible that is too low – If your plan has a higher deductible, your monthly premiums are typically lower. However, your out-of-pocket expenses will be higher should you get in an accident! Not taking advantage of discounts – Many discounts are available! These can include: Good Driving Record discount Good Student Driver discount Taking a defensive driving course Telling your insurer about your car’s safety features Having a low mileage per year Bundling car with home or renters’ insurance! Renewing an outdated insurance plan – Switching ... Read more

Save Money And Stay Warm With These Tips

Money Saving Winter Heating Tips As the cold winter weather continues, it is easy to turn up your thermostat to stay warm. However, each degree that you turn it up is more money that is added to your energy bill. Keep these simple tips in mind to help save money while staying warm this season. Befriend the sun – when the sun is out during the day, open your curtains and drapes to allow the sun to heat your home. Remember to close your drapes and curtains once the sun goes back down to avoid cooling drafts from your windows. Cover your windows – use clear, heavy-duty plastic sheets to cover your windows. A tight seal from the plastic will help to eliminate any drafts. Use your thermostat wisely – while you are home, set your thermostat to the lowest temperature you can while still being comfortable. While you are sleeping or out ... Read more