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Tips To Keep Your Kids Safe This Halloween

Its no secret that kids love Halloween, so ensure a safe one in Oakley, CA this year! Halloween is the perfect holiday for kids to dress up, indulge in sweets, greet the neighborhood, and enjoy the excitement that comes with the season! Young children or enthusiastic children can often forget the simple rules that ensure safety. For a safe Halloween, keep these tips in mind: Walk Safely Simple steps are: crossing the street at designated crosswalks, looking both ways before stepping onto the road, always walking on sidewalks, and teaching children to be aware of turning cars and making eye contact with drivers before crossing. Adult Supervision Young children should never trick-or-treat alone, but always have adult supervision. Adults can guide them to the correct streets, neighborhoods, and houses. Costume Safety Be sure that your child only uses plastics props, carries a flashlight, avoids masks, and does not have any dragging material that may cause a trip or ... Read more

Trick or Treat Safety Tips

With Halloween just around the corner, it is the perfect time to put the finishing touches on your costume and make sure your jack o’ lantern looks its best. More importantly, it is the perfect time to make sure everyone in your family knows how to stay safe while trick or treating. Keep these safety tips in mind to help make sure everyone has a safe and fun holiday. When choosing a costume for your child, make sure that it does not drag on the ground to avoid tripping and falling while walking. Use face paint instead of a mask, since masks can obstruct a child’s view while walking. Make sure to test the face paint on a small area to ensure that it will not irritate your child’s skin. Use reflective tape or stickers on your child’s costume to make them more visible to passing cars and people. Also have them ... Read more