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Benefits Of Investing In A Renter’s Insurance Policy

Renter's Insurance Advantages Renting a home is becoming more and more common. After the housing market crash, the number of home renters dramatically increased. Renting a home is a great way to have a space of your own if you cannot afford to buy a house. However, just like owning a home, renting a home comes with a lot of responsibility, including making sure that your assets are protected from any unfortunate situation. Investing in the right renter’s insurance policy is the best way to ensure that you are protected from any peril. There are many advantages of investing in a renter’s insurance policy, including: It will protect you and your assets. While you may think that your landlord’s insurance policy will provide enough protection when you are renting, you are wrong. Your landlord’s insurance policy will only provide coverage for the structure of your home, not for what is inside your home. Along ... Read more

Importance of Renter’s Insurance

Investing in a Renter's Insurance Policy is the Best Way to Protect Your Assets Renting a home, no matter if you are just getting out of college or moving in with a close friend is a great way to have a place to call your own. Whether it is a house or an apartment, renting a home comes with many of the same responsibilities as owning one, including making sure that you are protected with the right renter’s insurance policy. Even though your landlord will have an insurance policy for your home, it will only provide coverage for the actual structure of your home, not for all of your belongings that are kept inside. Investing in a specific renter’s insurance policy is the only way to ensure that you and your assets are protected. Most renters’ insurance policies will also provide liability and medical coverage in case a visitor is injured ... Read more

Importance of a Home Inventory

Do you know exactly how many belongings you own? If you do not know the exact price of each of your belongings, it can be difficult for your insurance company to reimburse or replace all of your belongings in case they are damaged or ruined in a disaster. The best way to ensure that all of your assets are protected is to create a simple home inventory. There are two main ways to create a home inventory, including: Make a list. Make a detailed list of all of your belongings, including the price of the item and when it was purchased. Make sure to go into every room to ensure that you do not miss any of your belongings. Make a video. Walk into each room of your home and take a video of all of your belongings. Talk over the video to explain the value of each item and when it ... Read more

Who Needs Renters Insurance?

Renting a home, whether it is an apartment or a house is a great option for both college students who are just starting out in their first home, to grandparents who are downsizing to a smaller home, and everyone in between. When renting a home, it is important to make sure that you cover your assets by investing in the right renter’s insurance policy. Renter’s insurance will provide coverage for your assets from a number of perils, including theft, fire, vandalism, and water damage. There are four basic coverage options that are available for renter’s insurance to protect your assets in these cases, including: Personal property coverage – which will provide coverage for items that you use on a regular basis, such as appliances, clothing, and furniture, as well as any specialty items that you have, such as jewelry or art. If you have specialty items that are worth a lot ... Read more