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Common Insurance Mistakes to Avoid

Buying insurance? Here's what to avoid.  In this day and age, insurance is essential. Policies protect us when we’re out on the road, at work, and are with us for years and years. Personal insurance is always coverage worth investing time and money into as the protection can be endless. Even so, many people often don’t take the time to learn their policy or choose the wrong one altogether. Insurance mistakes can cost you big, so it’s important to know what obvious mistakes to avoid! Under-Buying It’s easy to go online and purchase the first policy that you see. In doing so, you could be buying the wrong coverage and limited protection. For example, if you purchase the state’s minimum requirements for auto insurance, you could be leaving your brand new car exposed. Not only would your liability limits be lower, but you could end up exceeding your coverage – leaving you to foot ... Read more

Does Homeowners Insurance Cover Flooding?

Know what your homeowners insurance policy covers in Oakley, CA. The biggest misconception about a homeowners insurance policy is that it covers the damage caused by floods. Typical homeowners insurance does not cover flood damage, and this can be a costly lesson to learn. Flood damage can not only destroy your personal belongings, but it can ruin the infrastructure of the home, causing it to become destitute. Water Coverage In the event of a pipe burst in the cellar, or some other household failure, your homeowners insurance may cover your flooded basement damage. For storm-related flooding damage, you will need flood insurance. It is important to note that most policies must be in place for at least 30 days to be in effect, so a last-minute purchase when you hear about flooding potential will be too late. Risk When determining if you should acquire flood insurance, you must asses your risk of floods. While ... Read more

Benefits Of Adding Extra Liability To Your Auto Insurance

Excess Liability Advantages When you are looking for the right California auto insurance policy, you are required to have a minimum amount of liability insurance. The minimum amount is $15,000 for the death or injury of one person, $30,000 for the death or injury of more than one person, and $5,000 for any damage to property that you cause. While adding extra liability to your policy will lead to higher premiums, it also comes with many benefits, including: You will be less likely to owe anything out of your own pocket – any damages that exceed your liability coverage will be your responsibility to cover, which may mean digging deep into your pockets to cover the cost. The more liability insurance you have, the less likely it will be that any damages will go beyond your coverage. PIP is not mandatory in California – PIP, also known as personal insurance protection, will pay for ... Read more