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Do Hybrid Vehicles Actually Cost Less to Insure?

Hybrids have been developed first of all for their decrease in the cost of fuel. The whole idea of a hybrid is to reduce the use of a gasoline engine during periods when it is most expensive to operate. Use the gas-powered engine more when it is cheapest to operate.   That theory seems to work well in practice, as despite their higher initial selling price hybrid sales continue to climb. But can you also save on insurance with a hybrid. In fact, you can.   Many providers now offer insurance discounts for hybrid owners. There are several good reasons for this. Statistically, hybrids have fewer accidents. The reasons are simple to understand.   Size Matters   The notion of smaller cars with smaller gas-powered engines translates into less vehicle weight. That means less work performed by that engine to move the car down the road. You save money on gas two ways, by using gas power ... Read more