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Does Homeowners Insurance Cover Flooding?

Know what your homeowners insurance policy covers in Oakley, CA. The biggest misconception about a homeowners insurance policy is that it covers the damage caused by floods. Typical homeowners insurance does not cover flood damage, and this can be a costly lesson to learn. Flood damage can not only destroy your personal belongings, but it can ruin the infrastructure of the home, causing it to become destitute. Water Coverage In the event of a pipe burst in the cellar, or some other household failure, your homeowners insurance may cover your flooded basement damage. For storm-related flooding damage, you will need flood insurance. It is important to note that most policies must be in place for at least 30 days to be in effect, so a last-minute purchase when you hear about flooding potential will be too late. Risk When determining if you should acquire flood insurance, you must asses your risk of floods. While ... Read more

Don’t Drown With the Right Flood Insurance Policy

The cold and wet fall season is in full swing, which means it is time to pull out those rain boots. It is also time to make sure that you and your home are protected in case of a flood with the right flood insurance policy. Having the right flood insurance policy is the best way to ensure that you are able to rebuild after a flood. While your homeowners insurance policy will provide coverage in most situations, it will not provide any coverage in case of a flood. Only a specific flood insurance policy will provide coverage and protection. It is important to keep in mind that a flood insurance policy has a 30 day waiting period before it becomes active, and if your home is damaged or destroyed by a flood while the policy is still in the waiting period, you will be left paying for the repairs ... Read more

Why You Might Need Flood Insurance

According to the article "Got Flood Insurance? You Probably Need It" on, flooding is the most common of all natural disasters in the US, and the most expensive. A 2,000 square foot home flooded with just a single inch of water may need as much as $21,000 worth of repair. And flooding isn't covered by a standard homeowners insurance policy. Flood insurance is required by many mortgage lenders if a home is in an area deemed "high-risk" for floods, but low-risk areas can flood as well. It takes only one unnaturally large storm to cause flood problems. Flooding can occur when sewer systems fail and when large amounts of snow melt occur. Even the smallest creeks and rivers can flood. Homeowners who have property on hillsides are protected from mudslides through their homeowners insurance. If you have questions about flood insurance, contact Agers Insurance Services for information. Our knowledgeable agents ... Read more

The Importance of Purchasing Flood Insurance

It is common knowledge that homeowners insurance is a necessity. However, most people are not aware how valuable flood insurance can be. While not every home is located near notorious flood zones, many are still at potential risk of flood damage. Winter storms and snow melt can both cause flash flooding as well as gradual flooding in many areas. In fact, in 2012, 25 percent of claims paid by the National Flood Insurance Program were not located in traditionally high-risk flood areas. Flooding is the most common natural disaster in the United States. Despite that, it is not covered by a standard homeowners policy. Flood insurance can cover your home in the event of the overflow of streams, rivers, lakes or drainage systems, as well as coastal high tides and storm surges. It is important to note that there is often a 30-day waiting period after you have purchased your flood insurance ... Read more