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Are You Ready For The Cold Weather?

Use these tips to get your house ready for fall. The temperatures are finally starting to feel like fall, which means it is time to put out your flip flops and pull out your favorite sweater. As you get into the fall spirit, it is the perfect time to get your house ready for the season. Keep these fall home maintenance tasks in mind to ensure your house can handle the dropping temperatures. Clean out your rain gutters – as the trees start to drop their leaves, your rain gutters are most likely starting to fill up. Blocked rain gutters can easily allow water to back up into your roof and walls, causing serious and expensive damage. While cleaning your rain gutters, make sure that all of your downspouts are facing away from the foundation of your house. Look for air leaks – small cracks and worn weather stripping can let the ... Read more

Don’t Drown With the Right Flood Insurance Policy

The cold and wet fall season is in full swing, which means it is time to pull out those rain boots. It is also time to make sure that you and your home are protected in case of a flood with the right flood insurance policy. Having the right flood insurance policy is the best way to ensure that you are able to rebuild after a flood. While your homeowners insurance policy will provide coverage in most situations, it will not provide any coverage in case of a flood. Only a specific flood insurance policy will provide coverage and protection. It is important to keep in mind that a flood insurance policy has a 30 day waiting period before it becomes active, and if your home is damaged or destroyed by a flood while the policy is still in the waiting period, you will be left paying for the repairs ... Read more

Hit a Deer? Now What?

Fall weather is here! It is time to pull out your favorite sweater and put an extra blanket on your bed! It also means that more deer are out enjoying the cooler temperatures. It is vital to be sure that you have the right auto insurance coverage that will protect you in case you have an unfortunate accident with a deer this fall. Your auto insurance policy will provide you with coverage as long as you have comprehensive coverage. Comprehensive coverage will pay for any damage that is caused by an accident that does not involve another vehicle, like hitting a deer. If you skipped out on comprehensive coverage when investing in your auto insurance policy, you will be left paying for the repairs of your vehicle out of your own pocket. Along with having the right auto insurance coverage, there are many steps that you can take to help avoid ... Read more

Prepare Your Home for Fall With These Tips

Fall is officially here, which means so are cooler temperatures and shorter days. To make sure your home is ready for the dropping temperatures and the extra time your family spends indoors, keep these home maintenance tips in mind. Hire a professional to check your furnace and to do any regularly scheduled maintenance to ensure that you will stay warm all fall and winter long. If you have a wood burning fireplace, clean out the chimney. Built up soot from previous fires can easily start a fire and push dangerous carbon monoxide into your home. Clean out your rain gutters. Rain gutters that are clogged with fallen leaves and other debris can cause water to back up and damage your roof and walls. Also make sure the downspout is facing away from your home so water does not damage the foundation of your home. Check for missing or damaged shingles on your roof. ... Read more