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Going Green For Earth Day

Being environmentally conscious has become everyone’s responsibility. Going green for Earth Day is the best way to do your part and protect the environment. Reduce your carbon footprint! Reducing greenhouse gases on the road can cut emissions by 1,600 pounds per year. Carpooling with a coworker a couple times a week can cut emissions immensely. Also, try to accumulate your errands and shopping so you can get them all done on one trip. Idling your automobile wastes fuel and money, so remember to turn your engine off when parked. Encourage your friends to do so as well! Recycle your old electronics. Take your old computer, DVD player, or old phones to an electronics recycling center. E-cycling helps reduce the amount of pollution in the land, air, and water. Don’t forget to conserve water, especially now that California is experiencing one of its worst droughts! Only run your dishwasher and washing machine when you ... Read more

Proactive Pest Management in Spring

Although Spring usually reminds people of blossoming flowers, morning dew, and fresh air, spring also brings out pests that have begun crawling out of hibernation as the weather warms up. As you go about your spring cleaning it is important to keep a careful eye out for pest infestation. Follow these helpful tips for proactive pest management: Although every part of your house has the potential for a pest infestation, it is important to keep a closer eye on the kitchen, bedrooms, and storage spaces. Immediately throw out any gnawed food packaging. Any packaging that shows evidence of nibbling may mean you have an unwanted pest. Rodents, cockroaches, and other pests are skilled at hiding so their droppings may be in obvious locations but more likely they will be near cabinets and behind boxes. If you find rodent pellets or urine stains, it is important to call pest control immediately to avoid ... Read more