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Protecting Your Home Against An Earthquake

Safeguarding Against A Quake The state of California is no stranger to earthquakes. We face the very real possibility of the ground quaking because we live on a fault line. All California residents know that while we get beautiful weather year-round and access to great cultural opportunities, we pay the price with our earthquake risk. Are you familiar with how to protect your home against the ground’s shaking? Here is a quick guide to doing what you can to make sure your house is earthquake ready. Anchor any large bookcases, filing cabinets, water heaters, and other large and heavy furniture and appliances to the walls. Install ledge barriers on all of the shelves in your home. Move heavy items to the lowest levels possible to minimize falling dangers in the event of an earthquake. Affix small appliances to your countertops and computers to their desks or tables. Put latches on your cabinet doors to keep ... Read more

How Earthquake Insurance Can Help

Earthquake insurance is available to homeowners nationwide. However, the special coverage is particularly important in California, which, after Alaska, is the most earthquake prone state in the United States. If you own a home in California, you will have to purchase your earthquake insurance separately, as it is not included with most homeowners insurance policies. Earthquake insurance premiums vary according to a number of factors, including whether a home has frame-wood or frame-stucco siding, which make it less susceptible to earthquake damage than homes built of brick or stone, which will crumble when jostled. The cost of earthquake coverage depends on where you live. For example, in the Midwest, where earthquakes rarely occur, coverage can cost as little as 50 cents per $1,000 of your home´s value. On the West Coast, however, where earthquakes are a far more common occurrence, the cost is higher, often $15 per $1,000, or about $7,500 per ... Read more