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Don’t Fall Victim of a Drowsy Driving Accident

You may think you are safe to get on the road after lack of sleep but according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, drowsy driving can be fatal, causing more than 100,000 crashes per year. If you work long hours or the night shift, are a commercial driver, use medications that cause drowsiness, have an untreated sleep disorder, or even regularly get fewer than 7 hours of sleep, you are at risk. Drowsy driving affects everyone but if you have one of these conditions you are likely more at risk. It is important to take some preventative measures if you know you are at risk at driving drowsy. If possible, get at least 7, preferably 9 hours of sleep each night. Also, try to plan ahead. If you are constantly traveling for business try to slowly adjust your sleeping times to match the clock at your next destination. Untreated sleep disorders ... Read more