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Safely Enjoy The Water With These Tips

Boating Safety There is still a full month before fall starts, which means there is plenty of time to enjoy various summer activities! Heading out on your boat can be the best way to take advantage of the season before the weather starts cooling down. Before you start backing your boat down the launch ramp this month, make sure to keep these safe boating tips in mind. Check the weather – take a look at the forecast before you hit the water. If a storm or other inclement weather is forecasted, you may want to change your plans and head out another day. Getting stuck on the water during bad weather can be very dangerous. Create a pre-departure checklist – make sure that you are prepared for anything you may encounter on the water by creating a checklist to follow. Your checklist can help to make sure that no precautions or safety ... Read more

Get Your Boat Ready For The Water With These Tips

De-winterizing Your Boat Now that the warm spring temperatures are here, it is the perfect time to pull your boat out of storage and head out on the water. To ensure that you are ready for your first boat trip of the year, keep this spring check list in mind. Check your fuel system for any damage or leaks, and pay attention for fuel connections, hoses, and the surfaces of the tank. Damaged fuel hoses will be brittle, soft, or show signs of cracking. If you find any issues, make sure to replace all the damaged components. Make sure that the exhaust, engine, and ventilation systems are all working properly. Repair any problems before you head out on the water so that you do not get stranded. When you fill your boat up with gas, only use gas that has over 10 percent ethanol. Check that all of your cables, hoses, and belts are ... Read more

How Do You Store Your Boat When It’s Not in the Water?

There are a few things that you need to consider when storing your boat. Many people store their boat during off seasons or when they simply aren't intending to go out on the water for a long time. When storing a boat, it's usually best to store it within an enclosed space such as a garage. This limits the possible things that can happen to the boat, such as incidental damage caused by vehicles, storms or other unexpected events. Storing a boat at a marina can also be a viable option, but if you do so you will often have to increase your insurance. Many marinas will not accept boats that have less than $500,000 in liability insurance protection. At the same time, however, storing a boat at a marina often protects it against some of the more common hazards around a home. When storing your boat indoors you should always ... Read more