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It takes more than a spotless driving record to get cheap car insurance

You might be the best driver ever and still pay more for your auto insurance than your aunt who has been in two accidents and received a ticket for speeding. How can that be possible? Your age, marital status, where you choose to live and whether you own or rent, can all make a big difference in the premium you pay for auto insurance.  Regularly ignoring the speed limits in your red Corvette will mean paying higher auto insurance premiums and that can be compounded by your age. Drivers who are under 21 pay an average of 48 percent more than drivers who are 21-25 years old. Compared to drivers who are at least 61, a 20 year old could pay as much as 150 percent more for coverage.  Auto insurance companies also consider you to be a higher risk if you are single. Married couples pay, on average, 19 percent ... Read more