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Spring Boat Checklist

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Spring is here, and if you have a boat that you’re ready to start-up and take out on the water, there are some important things you need to check first. Follow this checklist to make sure your boat is ready to set sail.  

Fuel System

Check for any leaks or damage to all parts of your fuel system, particularly hoses. Signs of damaged fuel hoses include cracking, brittleness or softness. Make sure clamps are properly secured, and if anything is damaged, replace it immediately.

Propellers and Hulls

Propellers can get dings, cracks or other defects that can cause damage to your drive train. Inspect your propellers for any of these signs and make sure it is properly secured. While you’re cleaning the hull, look for any cracks or blistering.

Electrical System

Inspect your electrical system to make sure everything is connected correctly and tightly. If you see any corrosion, that is a huge sign that something is not safe. Use a wire brush to clean the electrical connections to keep them healthy, and make sure your battery can still hold a charge.

Fluid Level

Check all the fluid levels in your boat. This includes engine oil, power steering, coolant and etc. If you didn’t change your engine oil and lubricants before winterizing your boat, you’ll want to do that before taking it out on the water.

Belts and Cables

The cold winter weather may have damaged belts, cables and hoses. Check for any brittleness or cracking, and if you find any, get them replaced fast.

Safety Gear

Make sure you have all your safety gear, such as life jackets and extinguishers. Make sure your life jackets are in good condition and the right size for your passengers.

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