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Naturally Fight Spring Allergies With These Tips

Group of Multiethnic Hands Holding AllergiesSpring Allergy Cures

While most people look forward to the warm spring weather and beautiful flowers, if you have spring allergies, you are probably dreading the season. If you find yourself carrying around a box of tissues this time of year, keep these natural allergy prevention tips in mind to ensure that you can enjoy the season.

  • Take butterbur – as a plant whose name stems from its usage to wrap butter in its large leaves, butterbur extracts can be used to treat fever, headaches, and nasal allergies. It contains chemicals that can help block the swelling in nasal passages. It has very similar effects to an antihistamine without the drowsiness.
  • Enjoy some nettle leaf – sold in capsules, nettle leaf can help anyone who is affected by hay fever by reducing the amount of histamines in the body.
  • Sip on apple cider vinegar – apple cider vinegar helps to increase your potassium, which will eliminate a runny nose. It will break up mucus in the body, which will help you breathe easier.
  • Load up on probiotics – not only can probiotics help with your digestion, but they will also help children who suffer from allergic rhinitis.
  • Use a neti pot – neti pots allow you to flush out your nasal cavity with a simple saline solution. They will flush out any mucus in your nose to help you breathe easier.
  • Take a warm shower – the steam will help to clear your sinuses, as well as clean off any pollen that is on your body or in your hair. Taking a shower before you go to bed will help to make sure that you do not wake up sneezing.

All of us at Agers Insurance Services in Oakley, California would like to encourage you to keep these tips in mind to ensure that you are fully able to enjoy the beautiful Northern California spring.