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3 Simple Social Media Tasks to Expand Your Business

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Social media is becoming more and more relevant in everyday life. If you own a business, social media can help you to grow your business. While you may not have all day to spend on your social media marketing, it is important to carve out a small amount of time each day to spend some time on your social media outlets.

When engaging on your social media sites, there are three simple activities to do every day that will only take 10 minutes of your time. Make sure to do the following 3 things each day to ensure that your social media marketing is helping promote your business.

  1. Monitoring. You should spend at least 3 minutes a day looking to see what is being said about your company on all the different social media outlets. This will allow you to see if your business is getting positive or negative feedback, and give you a way to respond to any questions or concerns about your business.
  2. Posting. Spending just 4 minutes a day by making posts online to give people a reason to notice your posts. Make sure to not overshare, since that is one of the top reasons that consumers cited that they dislike following brands on social media. Make sure to share content that is relevant and useful, such as special deals for the week.
  3. Engaging. Use the different social channels to have personal conversations with customers. By spending just 3 minutes a day connecting and responding to costumers can help to get your brand on the radar of many more potential consumers. Have a one-on-one conversation with people using the different channels that are provided by social media to help keep your business at the forefront of consumers’ minds.

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