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Reviewing and Renewing: Homeowners Insurance

As the weather warms up, it is important to take measures to review and renew your homeowners insurance policy. Since the potential risks change over the summer months and your family situation might differ from the time you first purchased coverage, it is usually a good idea to take the time before summer to check that it is still appropriate for your needs.

Reviewing Coverage

The first part of ensuring that you have appropriate coverage is reviewing the current plan. It may or may not be a good fit for your family, depending on the situation and the level of coverage you purchased previously. If you notice that certain concerns are not addressed, then take time to add those items to your list.

Renew Coverage

After determining that you have proper coverage for your needs and wants, contact the company to renew the plan. In some cases, you may need to look elsewhere for coverage if the price increases too much or if the company will not address your concerns.

Getting the right homeowners insurance requires looking at the current plan and making adjustments. When you are ready to renew or buy a new policy, contact Thomas Agers from Agers Insurance.