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Renter’s Insurance: It can save you!

Apartment living is a popular option for many people who aren’t ready for home-ownership. While living in an apartment often cuts out bills such as water or garbage removal, home insurance is one thing you shouldn’t skimp on when you live in a rental. Learn about what renters insurance covers and why you shouldn’t be caught without it.

Personal Belongings

Whether you rent an apartment or a house, rental properties have one simple thing in common: you don’t own them. Your own personal belongings, however, are yours; and it is these belongings that are covered by rental insurance. In the event of a robbery or other disaster, renters insurance can help you replace things that are destroyed or stolen.


Rental policies also cover your liability if someone gets hurt at your home. These insurance policies can cover your guests’ medical bills and other expenses in the event of an accident. If a visitor sues you, having liability coverage can help prevent years of poverty.

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