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Renter’s Insurance: Is it for Me?

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Renters Insurance Oakley CA

Renters Insurance Oakley CAIf you rent a house, apartment, or condo, protect your belongings and home with renter’s insurance!  

If you’re wondering if you should purchase renter’s insurance, take a look around your rented apartment. Your sofa, TV, laptop, books, clothes, and jewelry all add up in value. Now imagine that those items are burnt embers from a house fire. If you’re panicking about losing your items and having to replace all of them yourself, you’ll want to secure your belongings with renter’s insurance!

Why Do Renters Need Insurance?

More often than not, renters don’t think about insurance. After all, they only rent the apartment, and typically, the responsibility of the property falls to the owner. However, those renters have an apartment full of personal belongings that wouldn’t be covered in the event of damage.

Rental properties share all of the same dangers as any other home, including fire, lightning, hailstorms, flooding, and explosions. Additionally, when you’re renting a multi-unit dwelling, your chances of experiencing a tragic event with the possibility of damage to your belongings becomes even greater.

What Is Renter’s Insurance?

Renters insurance will protect your personal belongings. If you add up all of your valuable belongings, the total will probably come to much more than you think! Statistically, the average person has about $20,000 dollars in personal property. If you were to lose everything in a fire, without insurance, you’d have to replace every single item out of pocket.

Renters insurance can also cover the costs of living somewhere else if your home is deemed uninhabitable while it is being repaired, as well as liability insurance which is invaluable!

Furthermore, should someone injure themselves on your property and decide to file a lawsuit, your personal liability insurance through your renter’s insurance can step in to cover the legal fees and expenses.

Are you ready to cover your rental apartment and belongings? Contact Agers Insurance Services in Oakley, California to get started on your personalized renter’s insurance policy!