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Facts You Should Know About Renter’s Insurance

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Renter’s Insurance 101

Even though renter’s insurance is one of the most affordable types of insurance out there, it is also one of the most misunderstood. Since many people do not fully understand renter’s insurance, it leaves them uncovered from many situations. Keep these renter’s insurance facts in mind to help make sure that you are properly protected from any peril.

  • You face liability issues without renter’s insurance – if someone is injured while visiting your home, you can be sued for their injuries. Your renter’s insurance policy will cover any legal costs that are associated with the accident to keep you financially stable.
  • Your landlord’s policy won’t protect you – even though your landlord will have an insurance policy for the property, it will only provide coverage for the structure of the home, not for your personal belongings that you keep inside. The only way to cover your assets is with a specific renter’s insurance policy.
  • Your renter’s insurance policy will cover much more than stolen items – while a renter’s insurance policy will provide coverage for your belongings that are stolen, it will also cover damage that is caused by smoke, fire, lightning, hail, and vandalism. If you have to move somewhere else while your home is being repaired, your renter’s insurance policy will also cover the additional living expenses.
  • All policies have exclusions and limits – your renter’s insurance policy will have minimum and maximum coverage amounts for both property and liability coverage. Certain types of property are also subject to payout limits, including computers, jewelry, and firearms.

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