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Protect Your Basement with Proper Insurance Coverage

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Basements are considered a part of a home, so it is no surprise that many homeowners believe that a single homeowners insurance policy provides adequate coverage for the basement. Unfortunately, it might not provide as much coverage as you would like to believe.

A regular homeowners insurance policy often provides coverage for personal items that may be stolen or lost due to a fire. The policy will not provide coverage for flooding, which is often the most common problem faced by homeowners.

If a flood occurs in a basement, more than likely a regular homeowners insurance policy will not provide financial reimbursement for damaged property or personal items. Luckily, there may be additional insurance policies that can help provide the coverage homeowners want and need.

Many insurance companies offer a supplemental or additional insurance policy that will help provide coverage in the event of a flood, but there is a catch. The flood must be caused by a sewer backup, it cannot be caused by a storm or accidently leaving the water on.

Worried about not having proper insurance coverage for your basement? Contact the agents at Agers Insurance Services to discuss insurance policy options that will help protect your California home.