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My Kids Want a Trampoline. Will That Effect My Homeowners Insurance

Summer is in full swing and your kids have their eyes–and their little hearts–set on a backyard trampoline. You may want to be careful before you make that purchase, however. There are safety and insurance considerations to be made, in regard to owning a trampoline.

According to the American Academy of Pediatrics, trampolines can cause serious bodily harm to children. And further, they urge that parents not allow their children to use them without taking prescribed safety precautions. That stance is taken based on statistical findings related to trampoline accidents.

Trampoline Statistics

  • There are close to 100,000 injuries related to trampoline usage every year.
  • Approximately 75 percent of trampoline injuries occur while more than one person is jumping, at a time.
  • Forty-eight percent of accidents involving children age five and under result in head fractures.
  • Accidents occurred on a netted trampoline as often as they occurred on a trampoline without a net.
  • Permanent neurologic damage occurs 1 in every 200 trampoline incidents.

Probability of Insurance

Because of the high probability of serious injury, insurance companies are “shying” away from covering a backyard trampoline in homeowner’s insurance. The few agencies that offer coverage will offer it at high premiums. So, while you can get homeowner’s insurance coverage extended to your trampoline, you may do better by simply renting one for summer usage.

Agers Insurance Services provides insurance coverage in a number of unique circumstances. Contact us for more insurance advice on trampoline usage and how to save on your premiums.