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It’s Time To Prepare Your Car For Spring!

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Thinking about taking a road trip this spring? It’s time to get your car in proper working order. Prepare your car for spring by following these tips, found in the article "Top 10 Ways To Get Your Car Ready For Spring and Summer" on

  1. Perform Tire Maintenance. Check your tire pressure and look for cracks in the tires. Have the tires rotated at the mechanic.
  2. Test the wiper blades. During the rainy season, wiper blades can take a lot of abuse. Check your wiper blades to ensure that they still work properly, and have them fixed or replaced if need be.
  3. Oil change, filter check. Look at all your filters and change your oil if needed. Don’t take any long car trips without fresh oil.
  4. Spring cleaning. Keep the inside and outside of your car looking fabulous. Clean under the seats, wash any stains from the seats, throw away any scraps of paper. If you’re feeling really ambitious, open up your trunk and get rid of the things you don’t need in there.

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