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Is Your Policy Updated to Meet Your Needs?

Word cloud for Umbrella insuranceA yearly review of your homeowners insurance policy will ensure you have the up to date insurance coverage you need. Changes in your home or personal circumstances may require updates to your policy to maintain your protection. After your yearly spring cleaning would be an opportune time to review your current coverage.

Why Update Your Policy?

Any changes to your home structure such as replacing a roof or improving your plumbing can alter your home insurance coverage. Home remodeling projects to include a kitchen or bathroom renovation, adding a new room or constructing a patio require an insurance upgrade to protect your assets. In the event of fire, water damage or other disaster, your renovations will be fully covered, enabling you to get the most from your financial investment.

If you’ve received valuable gifts during the year such as expensive jewelry, electronics or collectible items, you may need valuable items coverage to ensure your goods have replacement cost protection against any eventuality. Another option would be to increase the limits on your current homeowners policy to get the extra protection you need.

Some changes can be to your advantage when it comes to the cost of homeowners coverage. Upgrading the security of your home, for example, could qualify you for a discount on home insurance costs.

The Importance of Yearly Reviews

By reviewing your policy on a yearly basis, you have time to assess the changes in your home and personal situation that may alter your insurance protection. Over time, your home may increase or decrease in value, requiring that you adjust your coverage accordingly. By getting an updated appraisal of your home and property, you can make any necessary changes to your policy.

To learn more about the importance of updating your homeowners policy in California, contact Agers Insurance Services located in Oakley, CA.