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Insuring Your High Performance Automobile

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Now that you finally have the perfect car with a high-powered engine that performs better than anything you’ve ever driven, it is time to start looking at auto insurance. In order to protect your investment, it is important to know how much coverage is enough and what you need to look for in your policy.

Actual Cash Value

It is more difficult to determine what the actual cash value of a high performance vehicle is. Moreover, the age and condition of the vehicle play a part as well. Typically, you and the insurer agree on the value of the car through “stated value” coverage.


Higher premiums will result in covering your vehicle if you race it. The reason is that you need to get specialty coverage so the insurer cannot deny your claim in case of an accident.

Liability Limits

High liability limits are almost necessary for high performance vehicles because of the speed and lack of control that usually comes with high-powered vehicles.


You’ll have to look for an insurance company that specifically covers high-performance vehicles because not all do. Moreover, specialty insurers may actually help in reducing premium amounts.

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