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Essential Insurance for Your College-Bound Teen

Insurance for Your College Student

Insurance for Your College StudentBefore your child hits the dorms, kit them out with essential insurance.

Growing up is a part of life. Going to college is an experience for any teen. For the parents, it can either be newfound freedom or constant worry. Whatever feelings you have about your child heading off to college, every parent will want to make sure that they’re safe.

A reliable form of protection is insurance. Before you start moving in boxes of valuables into their dorm, update your college kid’s insurance!

You can start be contacting your insurance professional to find out how much coverage your homeowners or renters insurance policy will provide for your child’s personal possessions if they are living in a dormitory. If they are living off-campus, then you can look into purchasing a renters insurance policy.

  • Make a college inventory.
    Always make a college inventory list so that you and your student know exactly what items they’re taking with them, along with the value of the items. In the event of a fire, natural disaster, or theft in the dorm, making a claim for lost or damaged items will be that much easier.
  • Update the policy.
    If your college kids own jewelry, expensive sports equipment, and music instruments, the policy may be subject to dollar limits. For these items, they may need additional coverage to protect their equipment and instruments, or leave expensive jewelry at home or store it in a safe deposit box.

If your student has been driving the family car and will now be away at college, let your insurance company know as you may be eligible for a discount on your auto insurance. However, if your child takes the car to college, you’ll also need to let your insurer know. If your child gets good grades at college, then a Good Student Discount could save you money on your annual premium!

Are you ready to secure the right insurance for your teen? Contact the professionals at Agers Insurance Services, serving Oakley and neighboring cities of California!