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Affordable Upgrades to Your Car’s Performance

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Improve Your Car’s Performance Oakley CA

Take your vehicle to the next level with these low-cost performance updates.

Every motorist wants to get the most out of their vehicle. By upgrading your vehicle, you can improve your car’s performance. Performance can be measured in a few ways including fuel consumption, emissions output and maximizing the kinetic energy your car can produce.

Fortunately, car tuning is not as complex as it sounds. Even if you aren’t quite the motorhead that you’d like to be under the hood, you can still go ahead with these tuning ideas:

Reduce your junk.

This one is easy – and free! It’s amazing how quickly the rubbish in your backseat and trunk can add up. The effect can be significant on mileage, handling, braking distance, and more. Remove items that you won’t need before you begin every journey. Why are you still carrying around your beach chair and umbrella in September?

Replace your old spark plugs and air filter.

Your car works extra hard when you have old spark plugs or dirty filters. Spark plugs wear out over time as their conductive elements erode away and force your ignition coils to do or work to produce a ‘hotter’ spark. Similarly, a dirty fuel filter will force your fuel pump to operate less efficiently and impedes the overall fuel economy of your car.

Get high-performance tires.

If you do a lot of highway driving, you’ll benefit from high-performance tires. They are made with different rubber compounds that are “harder” so that they don’t erode as quickly as other tires. Your car’s handling will become a dream, and you’ll improve your fuel economy!

Now that your car is improved, it’s time to properly insure it! Are you still searching for the right auto insurance for you? Contact the professionals at Agers Insurance Services, serving Oakley and surrounding cities of California.