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Home Security Options To Consider

House locked in chain and padlockSecurity Options To Keep Your Home Safe

Home security systems have made huge improvements in the last few years. Everyday homeowners now have access to the technologies that only the rich were able to afford. If you are looking for the right home security system to install in your house to keep you and your family protected, consider these easy and affordable options.

  • Full home systems – there are many different companies that can offer you full service security systems that come with central monitoring. These systems typically include video surveillance, smoke and carbon monoxide detection, remote access, and medical alerts. Some systems even include home automation tools that allow you to control heating, lighting, cooling, and many other appliances while you are not at home.
  • Smart cameras – new cameras are wireless and unobtrusive and have much more capabilities than older models. Many new models have motion activation so that they will only record when they sense movement, leading to saved battery power and increased storage space.
  • Keyless entry systems – you can hook up your door locks to your smartphone, which can help you avoid the issue of digging through your pocket or purse to find your house key. It can also help if you ever have to let a trusted repairman into your house while you are away. There are also hybrid systems that allow you to use both a key and a code to unlock your front door.
  • Home automation – if you are away on vacation, you probably do not want to leave a light on all day and night. However, a dark, quiet house is the perfect target for burglars. Home automation systems allow you to turn on lights, and even the TV or radio from anywhere in the world to make your home less of a target for burglars while you are away.

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