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Garage Door Dangers

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Garage doors are often seen as a protection, a way to close off the garage area and keep things secure. However, these heavy doors often pose serious physical threats to people as well. Four of the biggest dangers overlooked with a garage door, particularly an automated one, are:

  • Springs break – Garage doors are suspended with powerful springs. Having only one spring runs the risk the garage door can come down without any delay, possibly hurting someone where it closes.
  • Folding panels – Many garage doors now utilize a folding panel system versus one big door. Those panels open in between, making for a great place to get a finger smashed when the door closes.
  • No sensors – some garages have no obstacle sensor at the bottom to stop a closure if a child is in the way. These setups can create a serious risk for a child or pet dancing around underneath when closing.
  • Too low of an emergency release – the red release cord needs to be up high. Otherwise a child will pull it, disengaging the door from its safety hold.

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