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Five Things that Affect Homeowners Insurance Premium Rates

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Agers Insurance Services helps its clients spend as little money on coverage as possible.  In order to do this, we evaluate each homeowner’s situation very carefully. This helps make cost fair for everyone.

Here are five criteria that affect your choice of homeowners insurance:

  1. Construction of Property – Is it made of brick, wood or EIFS materials? The size of the building also matters. Durability of structure affects insurance premium.
  2. Age and condition of home – How old is it? Does it still have all its electrical wires intact, and is it still up to code? The condition will affect how much you pay per year.
  3. Location and proximity to fire station — The closer the better, location next to a fire station could provide an advantage. It decreases risk factors that raise insurance rates.
  4. Presence of safety features – It’s better to keep all smoke alarms, fire extinguishers and emergency exits intact. This could provide you with a reduced price.
  5. Credit history of insurance applicants – We will reward you with a better rate if you have better credit. However, we still provide coverage to people whose credit is not so perfect.

Please contact Agers Insurance services today if you lie in Oakland, CA. We will provide you with a thorough assessment in order to offer you an affordable policy.