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Enjoy a Safe and Happy Thanksgiving this Year

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The holidays are a time of fun and connection, but it is important that proper safety measures be taken so that no unpleasant surprises pop up. Aside from taking general safety precautions, there are a few that are specific to each holiday. Thanksgiving concerns generally involve kitchen accidents, for example.

This Thanksgiving, enjoy your holiday and ensure that everyone stay safe by following these tips:

  • Keep pets and small children out of the kitchen
  • Make sure that pathways and driveways are free of ice and snow
  • Read all of the directions on any unfamiliar appliance or recipe
  • Prevent the kitchen from getting too crowded
  • Always give a verbal warning when transporting hot food or pans
  • Designate at least one adult to remain sober if children are present
  • Have a plan for ensuring that no one who has been drinking drives

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