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Protecting Your Home Against An Earthquake

Safeguarding Against A Quake

The state of California is no stranger to earthquakes. We face the very real possibility of the ground quaking because we live on a fault line. All California residents know that while we get beautiful weather year-round and access to great cultural opportunities, we pay the price with our earthquake risk.

Are you familiar with how to protect your home against the ground’s shaking? Here is a quick guide to doing what you can to make sure your house is earthquake ready.

  • Anchor any large bookcases, filing cabinets, water heaters, and other large and heavy furniture and appliances to the walls.
  • Install ledge barriers on all of the shelves in your home. Move heavy items to the lowest levels possible to minimize falling dangers in the event of an earthquake.
  • Affix small appliances to your countertops and computers to their desks or tables.
  • Put latches on your cabinet doors to keep them closed and keep their contents from spilling out.
  • Install steel plates or anchor bolts between your house and your foundation.
  • Your home has a cripple wall, a short wood-stud wall that is between your first floor and your foundation. Stabilize it by bracing it with sheathing.
  • If you have any unreinforced masonry, including chimneys and concrete walls, brace it.
  • Make sure your family knows where to seek cover in each room during the event of an earthquake. Teach your kids how to cover their heads far away from any heavy pieces of furniture or hanging décor.

One of the most important things you can do to prepare your home for an earthquake is carry earthquake insurance. To learn more about this type of crucial California coverage, contact Agers Insurance Services in Oakley. As California residents ourselves, we know how important this protection is and we are here to set you up with it.