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Home Protection From Earthquakes

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Rarely are people aware that basic homeowner’s policies do not provide earthquake insurance!

Only 17 percent of California’s homeowners hold earthquake insurance, even though the whole state lies upon the San Andreas fault line. Scientists say that more big earthquakes are coming to California, as the residents should expect earthquakes averaging a magnitude-6.7 to occur every 6.3 years somewhere in the state. Although most homeowners insurance policies do not cover the damaged caused from earthquakes, earthquake insurance can protect you!

Earthquake insurance is not known for being cheap; usually there is a 25 percent deductible. Unless you have major damage from an earthquake, the insurance won’t even kick in. But before you decide that you cannot afford earthquake insurance, consider if you can afford to rebuild your house if it were to be severely effected by an earthquake, replace the contents, and pay the temporary living bills.

With the United States suffering from earthquakes every year, the insurance to cover the damages should not be ignored. The effects can be devastating, and many people are left financially drained and unable to afford a home again.

Earthquake insurance can repair damages to your home and content, as well as supplementing temporary housing bills to include hotel bills, restaurant checks, and transportation. Footing all of these bills yourself can put you in a huge financial strain.

By maintaining the right earthquake insurance from Agers Insurance Services, you can ensure that your house in Oakley, California is protected as well as obtaining an affordable policy. Receive stability in those shaky times, contact us today for an instant quote!