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Drone Insurance: Is It Worth It?

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With the rise of drones flying around, claims, legal issues, and cases have increased.

The small unmanned aircraft vehicle (UAV) industry has blown up in the commercial and personal market. From surveying land, to finding missing people, to filming content, drones have shown that they are diverse, affordable, and beneficial to businesses and individuals. It’s predicted that the rise of drones is only set to grow.

The personal use of these drones has had a steady growing concern of violating privacy protection, data collection, and incidents such as faulty landings that have caused injuries or death. Even businesses are facing claims that the use of their drones cause invasion of privacy, though that is not their primary intent.

Due to this rise of concern and accidents, more companies are developing liability insurance for drone users and operators. You may think you’re safe with homeowners insurance covering radio controlled aircraft, which drones technically fall into, but with more drones flying in urban, public environments, underwriters are beginning to rethink this policy. With insurance companies changing their policies quickly, drone users should ensure that their drone is covered in case of damage or an accident.

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