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Don’t be a Distracted Driver

Driving while distracted is one of the most common causes of accidents of the road. Distracted driving leads to more than 3,000 deaths each year, and even more accidents and injuries. Any kind of distraction while driving endanger the driver, passengers, and bystanders. Make sure to avoid these common driving distraction while on the road.

  • Watching a video. While a funny video may seem like a good way to relive the stress of sitting through traffic, it can also take your attention away from the road and be the cause of an accident.
  • Using a navigation system. Before starting your drive, input your destination into the navigation system. Make sure the voice option is turned on so you do not have to continually look at the map to know where to go.
  • Adjusting the radio. Preset your favorite radio stations to avoid flipping through all the stations to find a song to listen to.
  • Texting. Texting while driving has been banned in many states due to the danger it causes while driving. Looking away to read a text can be enough time to cause an accident on the road.
  • Grooming. While shaving or applying your makeup while driving may seem like a good way to save some time in the morning, it is also very distracting. Make sure to schedule out enough time in the morning to get all of your grooming done before getting behind the wheel.
  • Passengers. Having even one other person in the car can be very distracting to the driver, especially for young drivers. Make sure to drive alone if you are not comfortable driving with others, or set strict rules for your passengers, such as no loud conversations.

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