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Five Ways to Bring Zen into the Workplace

Reduce stress and anxiety in your office with a few simple tips. Walking into the office on a Monday morning doesn’t typically evoke feelings of relaxation. The projects and deadlines for the week loom ahead, and more often than not, stress can be in the air even before the first pot of coffee is done brewing. Even though work can be stressful, your office needn’t be! Creating a calm environment in your immediate workspace will make your whole life healthier as well as increasing productivity among employees. Set aside a happy place Designate a room just for relaxation for your employees. Deck it out in comfy furniture, muted colors, muted lighting, and Yoga mats. Having a space like this for employees is a small addition, but with huge benefits. Let the light in Allow natural light to fill your office space for instant cheerfulness. Also, encourage your team to take a few minutes to go ... Read more

Protecting Your Company Cars

Fleet Insurance Protection Considerations If you have any number of company vehicles, you need to invest in a commercial auto insurance policy, or fleet insurance policy. As your business continues to grow, you may be adding on more vehicles, which means you will also need to increase your fleet insurance coverage. While you are growing and expanding, make sure to consider these fleet insurance coverage options: Physical damage coverage – having more company vehicles means more chances of damage. Make sure to look over your policy to ensure that you have enough coverage against physical damage, including coverage for vandalism, collisions, and falling objects. Liability coverage – while you can do background checks and check driving records of all of your drivers, you still do not really know them. Increasing your liability coverage will make sure that your business will not be financially devastated if one of your drivers causes an accident. Inland ... Read more