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Kids Off To College? Check Their Coverage!

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Get your college student the proper insurance coverage in Oakley, California.

While aiding your college kid out of the family home and into the college dorm, be sure that they are protected with insurance. Before they head off, check your current insurance policies to make sure that your child has adequate protection while away from home.

Homeowners/renters insurance
If your student is living in the college dormitory, their possessions may be covered by your homeowners policy for named perils such as fire, theft, vandalism, and natural disasters, although the limits may vary. Your current homeowners policy will not cover your student if they are living in an apartment, and renters insurance will need to be acquired. All students take expensive electrical equipment with them, such as laptops, TVs, smartphones, and laptops. The cost of these items add up extremely quickly so adequate coverage is attained so that there is no financial hardship should these items be damaged or lost.

Auto Insurance
If your student is away from home and no longer driving the family car until Christmas, you can talk to your insurance agent to reduce the terms of the policy. If your student is one hundred miles away with the car, a separate policy may be required. Additionally, a Good Student Discount may be available on your auto insurance policy if your child receives good grades whilst in education.

So that you can provide coverage for your college kid and receive affordable rates for your policies, contact Agers Insurance Services. We are located in Oakley, California and serve you and your family the right insurance policy, all at the right rate.