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It’s Earth Day! Celebrate Mother Nature with These Tips for Sustainability

Celebrate Earth Day with Sustainable Living

Celebrate Earth Day with Sustainable Living

Adopt green habits to better the environment in celebration of Earth Day.

On April 22nd, 2016, (a.k.a. Earth Day!) it’s time to give the planet some very needed care and attention. As inhabitants of the world, we should be helping the planet rather than hindering.

Recycling and reusing aren’t just for hippies and environmentalists. The message of Earth Day is that good stewardship is an agenda that we can all get behind! Small changes lend a hand to our planet when it’s in dire need.

From toxic gases, depleting fossil fuels, melting ice caps, floating plastic waste, and species extinction, humans are the sole cause for all of the world’s health conditions.

Scientists say that we need to clean up our act – literally! Earth Day brings us the perfect opportunity to make a positive change! Here’s how you can help:

  • Drive less – Cut down on your commute by cycling to work or carpooling.
  • Recycle – From e-waste, cans, paper, and bottles, recycling has never been easier for each individual, household, and business.
  • Buy local products – Buy fruits, vegetables, meats, and cheeses that are all local produce instead of having high air miles to its name.
  • Plant your food – In a world dominated by factory farms and fast food, growing your own fruits and vegetables is kind to your wallet, waistline, and the planet.
  • Go vegan – Cutting back on meat and dairy products benefits your health as well as the environment and animals. A vegan saves 1,1000 gallons of water, 45 pounds of grain, 30 square feet of forests, 20 lbs. of CO2, and the life of one animal each day!
  • Plant a tree – Then you can hug it!
  • Go paperless – Receive your bills online rather than a paper copy every month.
  • Support ecological groups – Whether you’re dedicated to saving the rainforest, endangered species, or marine wildlife, find a cause you’re passionate about and support your local group.

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