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Cars Most At Risk For Getting A Ticket

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You’ve probably heard that red sports cars are more likely to get a speeding ticket than cars of other colors. According to the article "Cars Most Likely To Get a Ticket" on, this isn’t really true. The drivers who are most often ticketed are middle aged men driving foreign-made cars, such as the Mercedes-Benz CLS-63 AMG or Volkswagen GTI. Compared to the average drivers, middle-aged men driving these vehicles are twice as likely to get a ticket. Even worse is the Hummer H2, which is almost three times more likely than average to get a ticket.

Of course, the only true way to avoid getting a speeding ticket is to drive at or under the speed limit–regardless of what car you choose to drive. Although you may get to your destination more slowly than some others, safe drivers may be rewarded with lower insurance premiums.

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