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Saving On Your Teen’s Auto Insurance Premiums

Car driving fast in tunnelTeen Driver Auto Insurance

If your teen has recently gotten their license, you may be shocked when you see your new auto insurance bill. New drivers are much more expensive to insure since they are considered a higher risk to insurance companies and tend to make more mistakes on the road. To help keep the cost of your auto insurance low, keep these money saving tips in mind.

  • Safe driving course – there are many safe driving courses available that can help your teen become more confident and comfortable on the road. Teens who have taken a safe driving course are more than 30 percent less likely to be involved in an accident. To reward your teen for passing the course, most insurance companies will offer a discount on your policy.
  • Good student discount – if your teen is getting good grades at school, your auto insurance company will take notice. If they are maintaining a “B” average, your auto insurance premiums can decrease. Keep in mind that your insurance company will most likely need an official transcript before you will qualify for the discount.
  • Away at school – if your child has their license but is away at school without their car, you may be able to get a discount. Away student discounts typically only count for children who go to school 100 miles or more away from home since they are less likely to come home on the weekends to use the car.
  • Low mileage discount – if your teen is only using the car to drive to and from school down the road, they are not racking up miles. The less they are on the road, the less likely they are to get into a crash, leading to lower premiums.

For all of your Northern California car insurance needs and to ensure that your teen stays safe on the road, contact the insurance professionals at Agers Insurance Services in Oakley, California.