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Business Insurance Your Startup Needs

Business Insurance Your Startup Needs

Business Insurance Your Startup NeedsThe world of business insurance can be tricky for startup companies. Here’s what you need to know.

Between generating loyal customers, correcting the revenue model, and landing your team a stellar supervisor, insurance falls way down the list of important to-dos. However, proper business insurance coverage can be critical to, and is often a requirement for, a startup’s success.

Here is a breakdown of the main types of business insurance startups need and why you’ll need them!

General Liability Insurance: Otherwise known as “slip and fall” insurance, this coverage goes way beyond office mishaps. Coverage ranges from all kinds of bodily injury and property damage caused by your company. Additionally, it includes the actions of your team members outside of the office as well as the use of your products by your customers.

Workers’ Compensation: Workers’ Comp covers injuries to your own employees while on the job. Even if you only have one employee, you’ll need this insurance.

Commercial Property Insurance: More often than not, you use a building to conduct your business. Any property can suffer from vandalism, fire, or natural disasters. If there’s such a peril, you don’t want your entire business to face loss without sufficient coverage.

Employment Practices Liability Insurance: Coverage extends to claims with it comes to Human Recourses within a company: anything from hiring, firing, disciplinary action, and more.

Cyber Liability Insurance: This coverage lessens the cost of data breach incidents and the loss of theft of third party data. Losses covered can include lawsuits, forensic costs, data restoration costs, breach notification costs, regulatory costs, and more!

When you’re ready to get your startup the business insurance that it needs and deserves, contact the professionals at Agers Insurance Services, serving Oakley and surrounding cities of California.