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How to: Protect Your Business’ Outdoor Areas During Spring

Business Insurance Oakley CA

Business Insurance Oakley CADoes your business have what it needs to protect your outdoor property through the spring season and beyond?

Spring brings bright sunshine as well as unpredictable weather and torrential rain. For your business, it’s important to protect your outside property as well as the interior equipment, documents, and other important items from outdoor perils.

Whether your business is at risk of theft during the lighter nights or your sign can suffer from wind damage, protecting your outside is essential!

Below are a few items that are outside your office that you should consider covering:

  • Exterior signs, glass lettering, ornamentation, anything permanently attached to the building: You may want to consider adding these items to your business owner’s policy to ensure that if they are damaged in a storm or another listed peril, they can be repaired and replaced at little expense.
  • Offsite equipment: Does your business have expensive equipment? Items like sound systems or machinery that are regularly transported should be insured in case of damage or theft while being moved.
  • Outdoor property: You may have some property that you always store outdoors and would cost more to replace than your business owner’s policy could cover. Talk to your insurance agent to protect your satellite dish, extensive fence, antennae, etc. about your outdoor property coverage. This coverage can also help to cover the expenses associated with heaters, tables, and chairs from perils.
  • Landscaping: If your business has spent time (and a great deal of money) into sprucing up your outdoor areas, it is important to protect it. With outdoor property coverage, your landscaping, including rock-scaping, trees, and water features, can be protected against theft, vandalism, and certain storm damage.

Insuring your business, inside and out, for spring allows your company to stay protected through spring – and beyond! To learn the ins and outs of how your business insurance can protect from outdoor perils, contact us at Agers Insurance Services, serving Oakley and neighboring cities of Northern California.